Mission critical—mission accomplished

Our customers depend on their mission-critical equipment. Which means they depend on us to ensure their reliability with a range of trusted specialty lubricants, greases, sealants, filtration and lubrication management systems.

CSW Industrials is expanding its influence across North America, China, and India through its commercial team and supply chain partners to deliver products that will protect assets in the most demanding environments and extreme conditions. We have leading reliability products that meet the needs of customers in rail, mining, cement, steel, oil & gas, energy, pulp and paper, food and beverage, power generation, and many more applications. 

Our industry leading line of rail lubricants and friction modifiers includes RailArmor® and TOR Armor®, plus we manufacture rail equipment such as AccuTrack®, LubriCurve® and PolyTOR™ Wiping Bars. We also help ensure mining and industrial customers worldwide extend the life of their equipment and fluids with Whitmore Performance Lubricants®, Air Sentry® Dessicant Breathers and OilSafe® Lubrication Management Systems. We are a leading manufacturer of performance anti-seize compounds and sealants in the Oil & Gas industry. Some well-known brands in industry consist of KOPR KOTE®, 550® eXtreme and DEACON® Sealants.